Education Guarantees

Following the Queen’s speech earlier this week it looks like the government plans to offer “guarantees” to pupils and parents when it comes to education.

This announcement has not been well received by the education marketplace; being labelled “absurd” by one newspaper and described as a “whingers charter” by another (A summary of the proposed guarantees is included at the end of this post).

While the idea of guarantees for education is undoubtedly an interesting move by the government it seems that what they have proposed is very general. For example it is hard to argue with the statement that “every pupil will go to a school where they are taught a broad, balanced and flexible curriculum including skills for learning and life” but how we define if this is happening is a whole different ball game.

We are all keen to see improvements in education and whether that comes from improved learning techniques, increased ICT provision or closer alignment between the requirements of the working world and the education process it definitely needs to be addressed.

Setting general guarantees that are open to wide interpretation has the potential to cloud the major issues. With organisations like Futurelab, Naace and Building Schools for the Future working hard to ensure that the use of Information Communication Technologies (ICT)  in schools is becoming an integral part of the education process, it was surprising to find no reference to ICT in these guarantees.

We should be focussing on what percentage of students have access to ICT, how many parents can access information on their children’s education over the Internet and ensuring that students are acquiring the necessary skills to help them in the workplace of the future. These guarantees seem to represent a set of common sense statements rather than a set of policies that can drive education reform.

For more details on the Children, Schools and Families Bill please visit


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